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S38S Learn Spanish in Asia: St. Joseph’s College.

“The educational objective of St. Joseph’s College is to prepare men and women for the service of the country.” – This is an excerpt from the vision statement of St. Joseph’s College. Would their Spanish Certificate Course yield to good results? Read on and decide. Their Spanish Certificate Course is conducted by Maheshwaran Paul. The […]

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S38R Learn Spanish in Asia: Lingvopedia’s Foreign Language School.

Are you enrolling in a language school as a beginner? Are you looking for an institution that specializes in teaching basic courses to newbies like you? If yes, then Lingvopedia’s Foreign Language School is the one for you. The vision of Lingvopedia’s Foreign Language School, “… to make and create a significant positive difference in […]

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S38Q Learn Spanish in Asia: Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of New Delhi.

If reaching the other side of the world has a price, it has to be paid here at the University of New Delhi, Department of Germanic and Romance Studies.   The department offers thorough instruction of different foreign languages namely French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. For those wanting to learn basics of the Spanish […]

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S38P Learn Spanish in Asia: Jamia Millia Islamia.

Learning another language opens up a whole new dimension of opportunities for career, networks of relationships, expansion of business, new modes of self-expression, and more. And learning such beneficial tool is only as good as learning it rightly from the start, from the right school. Schools of international caliber can only produce and world-viable graduate. […]

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S38O Learn Spanish in Asia: Institute of Foreign Language and Culture.

Why choose to enrol at the Institute of Foreign Language and Culture above all other reputed language institutions in India? Surely, the institute would respond to you in a way like this: “The Institute of Foreign Language and Culture, or more commonly known as IFLAC, was the very first institute that became an official examination […]

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S38N Learn Spanish in Asia: Cambridge Institute, Mumbai.

Cambridge Institute, Mumbai, offers two programs to Spanish language enthusiasts. These are their general Spanish course, and their Academic Spanish course.   Cambridge Institute’s general Spanish course involves first four levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFR. These are the A1, A2, B1, and B2 levels, A1 as the most […]

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