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S35T French Schools in North America: French American School of Silicon Valley

Early exposure to the French culture and language is the key to fluency and mastery. The younger the age of the child learning a new language, the easier it is for them to absorb it, as opposed to the learning approach of adults who don’t have prior knowledge of the language which is structured more […]

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S35S French Schools in North America: Austin International School

As we face the challenges that come with the advancement and development in the 21st century, it is ideal for a school to use pedagogical approach that can help expand the minds and broaden the perspective of the students towards global issues such as cultural diversities or language differences. In doing so, students will be […]

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S35R French Schools in North America: L’Ecole Française du Maine

Diversity and development – many schools are keen to provide students with such understanding on both areas. Developing a set of 21st century skills and being aware of the cultural differences in every nation can provide a lot of opportunities for students as they prepare to become responsible and global citizens of the future. L’Ecole […]

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S35Q French Schools in North America: The French Academy of Minnesota

There are over 270 million people across the globe that is capable of speaking in French. We are already at the point where learning a new language is more of a necessity: a skill that we need to develop to open a larger door of opportunities and exhibit competence on a global scale, rather than […]

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